The Motel Pines – A Sad History


According to the Facebook bio, The Motel Pines’ name “represents an older motel in an area where nice new businesses are springing up all around it. Not being phased by all the revitalization, it has stayed true to its old-school vibe.” Drummer Mark Starling describes this as a fitting metaphor for his group because like the motel, the members are happy doing their own thing and aren’t concerned with trying to make more contemporary music. Read more »

New Releases & Albums to Watch For


To some people, 2016 was a bit of a shitshow. A lot of disappointing things happened in the world and it’s unfortunate that those are the things we’ll most likely remember. 2017 is only a couple of weeks in, but we’ve already made up for lost time. Bands that haven’t dropped new music in up to 4 years are dropping new singles and albums. And that’s exciting!

Here’s a look at some of 2017’s new and most anticipated releases.

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2K17 Prep Playlist


Hate it or love it, 2016 is finally gone and 2017 is here to right some wrongs and deliver some brand-spankin’-new music for our listening delight. With that in mind here are some things coming down the pipeline that I think are worthy to keep your ears open for. Read more »

Destroy The Line – Ordinary


When thinking about punk, many people (myself included) think of loud, fast, yet simple music. I imagine a group of guys banging on their instruments and guitarists perpetually playing chords with an open fifth. I think of something that displays a lot of passion, but at times, not the most precision.

Destroy The Line is a punk act that displays much more than I expected on first listen. This Jacksonville, FL foursome is preparing to release the debut EP War on January 13th. Consisting of members who’ve played in numerous bands in Northeast Florida over the last 20 years, Destroy The Line has come together to create its own formula of punk, thrash, and progressive music. Read more »

Comett – Back to Reality


Well, nothing like starting my 2017 reviews off with a super fresh find. A new year means new tunes, new bands and new sounds to discover and there’s no better way to describe this week’s reviewees than “new.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like them and I have definitely never heard of the Paris-based duo Comett, so to me, they’re completely new. Read more »

Megosh – Checkerboards & Cigarettes


Take some “Alice in Wonderland” references, guitars that sound like they’re reverberating in a cave and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket and you’ve got the video for Megosh’s new single “Checkerboards & Cigarettes.”  Read more »

MILLION – The smallest Creature


Doing anything objectively can be tough for human beings. We will always have underlying opinions about things like politics, pop culture, social media and music – along with just about everything else. Those opinions may accidentally sneak to the surface of any seemingly objective decision or review, but I do my best to prevent that from happening.

I’m opening this review this way because when I listened to The Smallest Creature’s new album Million for the first time, I thought to myself, “Oh no, I’m not super into this, how am I going to review it?” Then I remembered that the best thing about music and creating music is that even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it can still be amazing and enjoyable. Read more »

Shun The Raven


Shun The Raven is a strikingly enigmatic band for several reasons. For starters, there’s not a whole lot of information on the group’s website. This is a fairly new musical union. So, it’s partially natural to not have a ton of media at this point.  But, I also get the impression that these guys prefer to remain under veil. On top of the on-paper mystique, the few songs available come off as cryptic at times. Read more »

Indie Christmas Playlist


Spotify has a huge assortment of festive playlists. You can hear anything from LCD Soundsystem creating a Christmas tune to the classic Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Maybe you’re looking for something that will help get you in the holiday spirit but you’re not really feeling the usual classics that are on repeat in the shopping malls and on the radio. Read more »

Clark’s Secret Identity – The Promise of a Wonderful Future


While Clark’s Secret Identity has too few releases under its belt to be considered prolific, I will say that there was little wait (exactly 12 months) between the release of the debut EP and the release of the debut album. Hell, the band played its first live show this past April. The stylistically ambiguous Pennsylvania trio seems to have wasted no time on getting The Promise of a Wonderful Future to our ears. Read more »