King Shelter – Everything Hurts & Preoccupy


You know you’re on to something when you have your own accreditation for an Urban Dictionary definition. That’s exactly what King Shelter have on their hands and their self-described style of Salad Rock which means “a genre of music best described as a mix of everything,” and they aren’t kidding. Read more »



At Creative Control, we’re all about covering the unknown and unsigned. During my time here I’ve reviewed plenty of largely unnoticed musicians both domestic and foreign. For me personally, when it comes to those acts with the highest levels of obscurity, Ragweed takes the cake thus far. Read more »

Glenn Smyth – A Sense of Freedom EP


I love albums that delve into deeper truths. If a group of songs with an established theme can cause me to stop and think, then I love it even more. Whenever we break out of our pre-established mindsets, we discover more about ourselves and the life we’re living. For example, do we truly know what freedom is? It’s a question that has been thrown around a lot during the past centuries, but I have never heard a better answer than the one presented by Glenn Smyth’s new EP, “A Sense of Freedom.” Read more »

Pet Clinic – Sick Witch


Is bedtime not the best time? That seems to be the case for the guys in Pet Clinic. Read more »

Runaway Kids – Better Days EP


Forming a band is not easy. I can’t really say I know from experience as I’ve only ever played two years’ worth of saxophone in middle school. There was one day in high school where a couple of friends and I came up with a Christian band name, “Cross Word,” but that never got off the ground. However, after reading about so many bands this past year, I’ve found it amazing to hear different artists’ motivations for joining up and playing together. One example is the Los Angeles-based, punk rock group, Runaway Kids, and specifically their 2015 debut EP, “Better Days.” Read more »

Gorilla Tophat – Unnatural Habitat

GORILLA TOPHAT - 62969 - 01

Canada has never been known for producing jazz/funk bands, at least the average listener couldn’t name many, but the guys in Gorilla Tophat have brought the flavor of music down South from the Great White North on their debut LP “Unnatural Habitat.”  Read more »

The Hunna – 100


Sometimes after listening to a band/an album I’m left scratching my head. I’m left wondering what they were trying to accomplish in the last 12 or 13 tracks. This doesn’t mean the music wasn’t good or the vocals didn’t reach me. It just means that the musician may have some growing to do. Read more »

Keeton Coffman – Killer Eyes


I’ve mentioned before that my favorite music genre is rock and roll, though if I had to pick a least favorite, it would absolutely be country. I mean no disrespect to anyone who enjoys the genre, but I’ve always felt like every country song is the exact same, typically involving a girl, some beer, or a horse. While I am slightly exaggerating, country has always annoyed me with its constant, ear-wrenching crooning and twanging. I just can’t stand it! So what happens when you combine my least favorite genre with my favorite? Honestly, you get some interesting tracks from Keeton Coffman. Read more »

Heirsound – Merge


Part witch-house, part pop-rock but all soul is what you’ll find on Heirsound’s debut EP “Merge.” The two-piece from New York by way of California comprised of lead vocalist Alexa San Román and Dane Petersen have crafted a sound of crashing cymbals blended with melodic guitar strings. Read more »

Naked Walrus – Simple


According to the band’s bio, “Naked Walrus is a creative vision developed around the premise of being comfortable in your own skin.” The group’s music appears to validate such a principle. The collective vibe is positive and no dissatisfied or morose feelings come across upon first listening. Read more »