Japan Matsuri 2016


I love Japan. The food, the sights, the history, the arts—everything about this beautiful country amazes me. Especially after spending over a month living there this summer, I couldn’t get enough of it and desperately wish I could go back. Regardless, with each passing year, Japanese culture is becoming more renowned throughout the world, thanks to video games from Nintendo, food, various manga and anime series, and even music. It’s truly incredible, and it makes me wish I could go to Japan-promoting events like London’s upcoming Japan Matsuri 2016. Read more »

Clipping. – Splendor & Misery


Whoever said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” Los Angeles experimental hip-hop trio Clipping didn’t get the memo. The guys aren’t the type to think about whether or not they should do something, but rather can they do something. That mentality shows on the group’s sophomore LP “Splendor & Misery.”

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Dinosaur Pile-Up – Eleven Eleven


Recording in Strange Places is perhaps a more fitting title to Dinosaur Pile-Up’s new album Eleven Eleven. The reason I say this is because the first single, 11:11, was recorded (of all the more logical places) on a boat. A video of this nautical jam session can be found through VEVO. Read more »

Three Sheet – Heart to Make it Perfect


Three Sheet is a this super rare blend of funk, hip-hop and rock. That’s my interpretation, anyway. The band is so unique and complex that other people might be hearing something totally different than I am. Read more »

Fire From the Gods – Narrative


Rap-metal is something of a mixed bag as a sub-genre. Sometimes you’ll get bands like Rage Against the Machine who blend rock power chords and hip-hop delivery for a unique and special sound, and then there’s Limp Bizkit. But now that the genre has become dormant since the early 2000s the guys of Fire From the Gods are here to return the genre to its glory days with their new LP “Narrative.” Read more »

Fall/Winter Playlist


It’s time again to say goodbye.  

As the summer comes to a conclusion, it’s time to prepare for a change in the weather and the holiday season. What better way to get you in the Fall/Winter mindset than with a playlist? Read more »

Skillet – Recent Releases


A few months ago, a friend read some of my articles published on Creative Control and asked me what my favorite music genre was. I smiled and quickly replied, “Christian rock,” which garnered a raised eyebrow and gaping confusion from my friend. He couldn’t comprehend that I actually liked the genre, claiming there wasn’t a single great band that played it. However, I only had to name one to change his mind: Skillet. Read more »

Ceres – Drag It Down On You


Listening to Ceres made me a little bit nostalgic. Upon first impression, the rawness of their vocals and production reminded me of blink-182 with a hint of Dashboard Confessional. I could picture my 17 year old self sitting in my room reading magazines listening to these types of songs on my Walkman. Wow I really just aged myself there, didn’t I? Read more »

Bellringer – Jettison


Being the former bass player for The Melvins is enough to earn you a lifetime of credibility as a musician.  But Mark Deutrom is that and much more, serving as producer on The Melvins’ earliest LPs and the Pain of Mind album by Neurosis in the late ‘80s. He has also released five solo albums in the last 15 years with another due out this coming November. Read more »

Morrissey & Marshall – Stand Down


Art is often shaped for the time period it is released in. Throughout history, artists will notice a problem in the world, motivating them to create something that will display this turmoil or maybe present a solution. We’ve seen this in paintings, movies, books, and of course, music. Although, despite its common usage, this motivation for songwriting is one that continues to work well—even today—because these songs are exactly what listeners need when they’re released. Sure, in the future, these types of songs might seem strange, but if they’re strong enough, their strength will overcome time itself and remain relevant for a long time.  Read more »