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Songs and Sounds: The Chariot – One Wing

The Chariot - One Wing

Drawing from the past and pushing the envelope of the future, The Chariot’s One Wing is rare. It is not only rare within its respective genre, but within the entirety of the music scene. Having followed Josh Scogin’s adventures since the Douglasville days, it is hard to define the man by one record. Still, this […]

The Love/Hate Relationship with Auto-Tune

A conversation about Auto-Tune feels more like a battle than chit-chat. Even if the people discussing are on the same side of the issue, it often results in red-faced yelling. War erupts.

Green Day – “Oh Love” Video

Green Day - Oh Love

You’ve probably seen all the hype and super promotion behind Green Day’s new albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. “Oh Love” is the first single from  ¡Uno! and a video has been unleashed. In it, the guys are playing in a small space for a bunch of less than interested, scantily-clad models. One by one, the guys begin to play their instruments […]

Yellowcard – Southern Air


Yellowcard has never disappointed me. With the news of a new album, there’s so much excitement and hype… which usually results in a ginormous letdown. All of that to say that “Southern Air” lives up to the expectation. I got that impression with the song “Always Summer,” and I’m so happy to say that the […]

The Kegels, Worth Taking and More!


Thursday night at San Francisco’s Thee Parkside was a blast. Talky Tina kicked off the night by turning it up to 11 with some energy drenched powerpop jams. The Y Axes took the stage shortly after with some future/space influenced sounds. Next up, we had Worth Taking keeping the room warm with the pop-rock hits for which […]