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The Killers – Battle Born

Killers - Battle Born

Finally, it’s here. Battle Born is the Killers’ fourth studio album and the first after an excruciating two year hiatus. After the first listen, it’s a little disappointing. Nothing really grabs you except “Runaways,” which is probably why it was released as the single to get some hype up for the album.

Leaves on the Ground

It’s September, so folks will be heading back to school and crushing some very crunchy leaves. The best part about September is that it ushers in the fall weather (See: crunchy leaves). Pumpkin spice flavored everything is in stores and you’re about to see a lot more scarves and boots. To help bring in the […]

The Show Versus the Album

People have often told me that they prefer the album over the show and vice versa.  It has turned into this kind of battle, which makes no sense to me. I’ve always thought of the album and the show as complementary to each other as both have pros and cons.