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Bill Parton Trio – Debut EP


There’s not too much to say about Bill Parton Trio’s self-titled debut EP other than it’s really, relaxingly great. Take the harmonies from The Beatles that continually ring through your head long after the song has stopped playing. Take the chord progression and soft vocals of Coldplay (without the repetitive tediousness that I often find with Coldplay). Add some […]

Evan Russell Saffer – The Opponent


Evan Russell Saffer is introducing us to electro-punk through his album The Opponent. Wait, don’t go running for the hills just yet. Skeptical as always, the words “electro-punk” just don’t sound like anything promising. However, The Opponent actually is. Find some dance music and get some dirtier, edgier vocals and that’s Evan Russell Saffer.

Lotus Effect – “Totality”


Lotus Effect is a band described as “post-alternative progressive rock,” which is just a fancy way to say they play hard rock you should just listen to already. The EP Rabbits & Royalty was well-received, leaving fans (and blogs… like this one) waiting and begging for the full length.

Richard Tyler Epperson – Hourglass


I love hard rock, pop/rock, pop/punk – just about anything that’s fast and loud. However, you don’t always need the soundtrack to inspire the argument you’re definitely winning in your head. Sometimes, you need a break. Thankfully, there is Richard Tyler Epperson and his album Hourglass is the soundtrack to your Sunday morning.

King George – Heroes


King George is where emotive lyrics merge with rock sound. Think The Killers meet Muse. The mind behind the songs George Zois has carefully crafted the songs on Heroes so that you never want to skip to the next one. This is an album to keep on and let it play through entirely…. Or just keep it on repeat.

The Liberty Underground – Three Feet From Gold


There’s a ridiculous amount of pop-something in rock music. We’ve got pop-punk, pop-rock, garage rock and pop-folk-fusion-or-whatever-they-come-up-with-next. Not that I have anything against pop-everything, but that is 100% not The Liberty Underground. The Liberty Underground is pure rock and roll, so grab their album Three Feet From Gold to get your all rock fix.

Urica Rose – Ain’t No


Urica Rose is marketed as alternative rock (whatever that means now), but what you really get is a mix. You get a little insight into a few different kinds of songs, which means we’ve got a girl who has some ideas of her own to get out in any style possible.

Hibbity Dibbity – Debut Album


Aside from having the best band name, Hibbity Dibbity (just try saying that with an angry face) released their debut album just last month. The Bay Area band self-described as “psychedeliciousness” of the “West Coast Soul Butter” genre is honestly the best description for what Hibbity Dibbity sounds like.

Hot Wives – This Man Refused To Open His Eyes


Atlanta band Hot Wives are what I like to call accessible punk. They’ve got a raw, energetic sound, but not too distorted for the general public to enjoy. The album This Man Refused To Open His Eyes is what you get when a garage band has a better ear for production.

Monks of Mellonwah – Afraid To Die EP


Monks of Mellonwah is a band that combines the best parts of several related genres. The Afraid To Die EP is a perfect example of how MOM accomplishes this mix. Lyrically, the band resembles what bands like Pink Floyd were capable of doing with words alone. Instrumentally, we get the epic, emotion filled sounds that would come from […]