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Blunda – Messages EP


There’s a time and a place for ’80s synthesized rock. This is primarily in John Hughes movies, proms that happened in the ’80s and when that one guy who decides to play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the bar’s jukebox. To everyone who was born after the ’80s synth power balads, these songs are beginning […]

Oh My Heart


Oh My Heart could be the face of current pop-punk. The band lists Paramore, Alkaline Trio and The Strokes as major influences, which is exactly what you find in Oh My Heart.



ShiSho is a band that should have been in the Juno soundtrack. Honestly, I could stop there. That should tell you all you need to know about them. Described in every press kit as the love children of They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson, ShiSho plays quirky, intelligent and off-beat (personality wise, not musically) songs ukulele, accordion and […]

Stus Rollins


Stus Rollins is one of those rare instrumentalists that understands how people listen to music. With a lot of instrumental rock, my impression is that guitarists like to show off their technical skill. Rollins shows his ability for writing and playing, but makes it enjoyable to hear. 

The Hawthorne Effect


I was not sold the first time I listened to “Drunk Mistake” by The Hawthorne Effect. While I appreciated the very classic rock ‘n’ roll heavy hitting distorted guitar chords as an intro, lead singer John Jauch’s voice sounded a little too Daughtry for me. It had that kind of throaty, gentle growl that honestly sounded […]