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An Interview with Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive


Imagine changing cities, surviving a mutiny and somehow turning that into the song. Though it sounds like a pirate’s story (possibly adapted to be a Broadway musical), it’s actually the adventure that Radio Drive has turned into “A Taste of Heaven” that we introduced you to last week. Here, Kevin Gullickson explains his past, his […]

Sono Vero


If there was one sound of summer, it would be Sono Vero. If a boy band met a reggae band and decided to have some summer love child, it would be Sono Vero. This is the music for bonfires on the beach, driving down Highway 101 and various other activities you’d find in those ads […]

Jimmy & The Revolvers – Whistle For My Love


There are two defining moments when you are the self-proclaimed biggest fan of your favorite band. One is the moment you discover “your” band. It’s the way poets have romanticized falling in love since the beginning of stories. There’s the instant of realization and the constant adoration that follows thereafter, playing an album on repeat. […]

Radio Drive – “A Taste of Heaven”


Kevin Gullickson is not new to the music biz. As a member of the now disbanded Radio Drive, Gullickson has taken Radio Drive as the name for his solo career – an indie/softer alt-rock sound. Radio Drive is not what it was, but it is headed in the right direction. Radio Drive’s newest song “A […]

LAZYFLUX – Master Craftsmen

Back Camera

Generally, trip rock is only designed to listen to while you’re on something. This is unfortunate because sometimes that music is actually really good. However, if you’re sober, it’s tedious. The songs tend to be long, a little slow moving and just confusing. If only there were some bands who could take the best of […]



Pop, rock and funk all have their individual  claims to fame. Pop has the catchy hooks, rock gives you the edge that pure pop is often missing and funk just makes you want to move. What happens when you combine all three? You get songs that you can sing along to with a little edge […]