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Earworm 9/30/14

Earworm 9.30.14

Here are some new-ish songs that are little earworms for us. Over and over again, this is what we hear all day. Enjoy!

The Talks – Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves


There are few things more fun than ska. It actually makes you move like pop often claims to do, but it’s got the edge of rock ‘n’ roll and sometimes the chill of reggae. It’s a versatile type of music never leaving you bored. Even better is when a band plays up these differences and […]

The Watanabes – Draw What You Like EP


There’s a reason why we still talk about The Beatles today. Whether it’s the song writing or the instrumentation that hooks you, those reasons stand strong. There’s room for that kind of pop. With The Watanabes’ “Draw What You Like” EP, it’s time to give your copy of the “White Album” a little break and dive […]

Kosoti – Bark and Sticks


Folk inspired music can get dull and boring. There are artists that take that folk inspiration and turn it into something downright impressive. When that happens, folk music becomes fresh and modern. That is what Kosoti does in the newest single “Bark and Sticks.” It’s fresh, lightly inspired by folk music that’s just alternative enough.

The Boy From The Crowd – Revelator


No matter what anybody tells you, punk’s not dead. The proof is in The Boy From The Crowd’s “Revelator.”

Mindset Evolution – The Change


Rock music is emotional. We put up this front of being strong and tough to encourage ourselves to actually be strong and tough. However, there are artists who take this idea and make it part of their identities. They take a message and want it to spread like wildfire. “The Change” is Mindset Evolution’s way […]

New Music Review – 9/2/14

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We have a tendency to throw a lot of new music at you. So, here is a playlist of the most recent new artists and songs since the last one of these. Enjoy!