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Avenue of the Giants


If there were a genre called “energy rock,” Avenue of the Giants would be the classic example used as a reference. They’re a rock band, which sounds pretty bland, but they’re anything but that. For the Foo Fighters-esque band, every distorted guitar and growling vocal offers another aspect of high energy rock. You’ll find this […]



Hard rock/stoner metal/grunge rock all kind of bleed together. While these genres are slightly different, they’re also kind of similar. Norway’s Tripod takes this opportunity to show a lot of range with these, even branching into a softer side. Their upcoming album “Devil Feeder” will showcase this expertise in blending genres.

Bent Jetty


Bent Jetty is self-described as an indie pop band. That characterization can mean many different sounds and can be difficult to pinpoint. However, when a band can encapsulate multiple takes on that description, you’re left with something that different parts of you can enjoy. A different song for a different mood is found in Bent […]

Baïki – Globalienation


It would appear that Belgium is an untapped market for indie and rock ‘n’ roll music for the United States. Rightfully so, you may think – who in the U.S. simply can’t wait to rock out to a language as fluid and mushed together as French? Baïki is a band out of Belgium that rocks, […]

Callback Holly – Sophia


There are few genres that are as infectious as pop punk. If you like it, you pretty much live for it. Anytime a newer band shows up in the pop punk arena, it’s met with excitement, worry and an almost unbearable nostalgia. Callback Holly is the next promising act for pop punk fans.