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Twin Lakes


With a ton of indie-insert-another-popular-genre-here out there on the market, it’s tough to find the ones you’ll actually like. It seems like the word “indie” is thrown in front of someone that “they” don’t want to call pop. Now, there’s nothing wrong with pop – it’s popular music meaning people generally like it. So, it […]

Kollin Baer – The Woods EP


A smoky room is thick and swarming with the humidity of underlying chatter. Purple, blue and a touch of soft yellow lights patch the stage littered with gear. In the center is Kollin Baer and his guitar. Baer’s EP “The Woods” sounds exactly the way this feels – warm and familiar, but still commanding attention.

Fish In A Birdcage


I’ve become wary of shticks. I get it – Susan Boyle’s voice was shocking for her look. Nicki Minaj has characters. How exciting. So, imagine my intense suspicion when I heard of Fish In A Birdcage – a singer/songwriter with the main instrument of none other than the cello. The big but is that if you’re ok with a […]

The Joint


Classic rock is typically a favorite genre of many people. The trouble is that “classic” begins to sound dated, so you’re left wanting a new band with that classic rock sound. The Joint’s latest album “Bitter Sweet” has that classic rock sound, but is an active, very much alive band that helps remind us that […]

Pre Side Of Fall – Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics


The seasons are often a source of inspiration for many writers. There are Vivaldi‘s “The Four Seasons,” Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (though their inspiration isn’t necessarily the seasons), and if you don’t think Norah Jones‘ voice was born of the autumn leaves themselves, you need to give her another listen. The album “Pre Side […]



It seems lately there are a ton of “indie/folk” bands. Someone has figured out the formula that combines the independent & folk genres and it all starts to sound the same. One band that breaks the mold is Motherfolk. They’ve got that upbeat pop-y nature with vocals on the raw side, but they’ve got a […]