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The Dread


The best soundtracks ever made are from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. The skating culture has blended rap, rock, hip-hop and reggae to give kids something to skate to and the music itself is breeding a culture. The Dread is a group out of the East Coast hip-hop and rock genre heavily geared toward […]

Piqued Jacks – Climb Like Ivy Does


Sometimes when you hear the first EP or LP by an artist, it’s more like a feeble attempt at a teaser. There’s an attempt to build hype and excitement, but it comes across messy and a little under cooked. How can you expect me to want 14 songs when you can barely pin down six? […]

Wizard Farm


Their hometown is listed as Imagination Land and with a name like Wizard Farm, you might expect this collective to sound like the music accompanying unicorns and hobbits frolicking about together. Well, that’s not exactly what the sound like… Unless the hobbits have mohawks and the unicorns are pierced & tattooed. 

What Goes Into “The Woods”: An Interview with Kollin Baer


Last week we introduced you to singer/songwriter Kollin Baer. His album “The Woods” gave us a taste of some new folk music that kind of left us wanting more, so we asked him about it. Read on to learn more about “The Woods” and what you can expect next from Baer.