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King Kartel – “Come At Me Now”


King Kartel are a band from Northern Ireland and ran away from home. This, almost without argue, creates some of the best music. Their songs are alternative, indie inspired rock that almost require you to get up and move. Sure, there’s some pop influence there, too, but these guys are creating an legendary sound with […]

Georgia Sound – “Love Can Change”


The masterminds behind Georgia Sound, Ryan Roy and Shannon Magee, have emotion driven vocals and lyrics paired with guitars and piano lines that bring just enough pop to those words. There’s a fine (weird) line for folk music. One too many banjos and suddenly it becomes country – no, hillbilly – music and for many, all interest […]

The Living Strange – “Gillisblu”


The Living Strange, founded in 2014, are creating not only a signature sound, but one that’s defining a genre. Self-described as “millennial rock n roll,” the Los Angeles based band has created an image and sound based on youth, fun, but with an ear for precision and detail.