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State Line Syndicate


Los Angeles pop-punk trio, State Line Syndicate, are breathing new life into the genre that was a radio staple in the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

December – Between the Dots

Between The Dots

Picture yourself on a cross-country road trip, driving down an endless highway amongst fresh pines and clear skies. The scent of asphalt fills the air, but it only makes you stronger. Your only companion is the car radio playing “You” in the background. You look forward to reaching your destination, you miss being home with […]

Blackfoot Gypsies

Blackfoot Gypsies

Nashville is home to budding artists on nearly every corner, literally. New music acts spring up seemingly overnight. Blackfoot Gypsies is another of those Nashville creations that popped up out of nowhere.

Band of Heads – “The Hill”


When comparing current musical talents to the classics, one must be careful when connecting similar styles. Public opinion tends to take on a life of its own as the verbal food fight commences over what band sounds like which classic genius. Band of Heads is bound to have a few people talking about it.