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Gareth Dunlop

Gareth Dunlop

I never heard a singer whose songs caused me to tap my foot and smile, then slump my shoulders as my head droops and several tears splash onto my jeans. That is, until I listened to Gareth Dunlop. An artist and songwriter from Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, Dunlop has created a medley of songs in […]

Cave Mouth – Deep Water

Cave Mouth

Imagine rocking softly in a grunge bar and sipping on beer or shooting whiskey – that’s when you would hear Cave Mouth. The U.K. natives recently released a single called “Deep Water,” and before listening to it, I never thought the phrase “filthy-swamp-bluesy” would be considered when describing a band I listened to. Magnetic seems […]

Gloria Kim – Pursue Her

Pursue Her - Gloria Kim

Singer song-writer Gloria Kim’s second single, “Pursue Her” is a deep and haunting song with strong piano chords that build into an ever developing beat of guitar and bass. 

A Chat with Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews

Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has been playing music for about nine years and released a handful of EPs since 2008. He’s currently working on his debut album in London where he plays a blend of folk and indie-pop at concert gigs and for commuters in the Underground. 

Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa

Everyone loves a good party. The room is filled with friends talking and laughing. Tabletops are covered with every food imaginable. Maybe a few fireworks are shot off. If the host is prepared and people come, it’s likely to be a blast. However, to hold a successful party, you need loud, invigorating music that will […]

Derek Johnson


Derek Johnson is a folk artist with a Bob Dylan vibe and a killer sense of humor. The Nashville artist has the complete Tennessee feel, with the a unique sound. Unlike many others of his generation, Johnson has a raw talent for music. He plays numerous instruments, writes his own music and has a voice […]

Jon Latham – “Real Bad News,” Touring and Creative Control

Jon Latham

You know it’s a good night when it ends at a Waffle House, so that’s where we met with Jon Latham to talk all things about his debut album “Real Bad News,” touring, music and pretty much any question we could think of at the moment.

Amongst Family

Amongst Family

If you’ve ever been camping, you know the best part takes place at night when you’re sitting around a campfire. The campsite is set up, the tents are waiting to be slept in, and you sit on a log, surrounded by family and friends, smiling as you watch the fire. The flames crackle and the […]

Matt Langlois on The Welcome Matt, Matt EL and What We Can Expect Next

The Welcome Matt

Matt Langlois, otherwise known as Matt EL and The Welcome Matt, is an indie, acoustic rock artist based in San Francisco. His relaxed style of rock is great for the casual radio listener or live show, and is definitely a playlist must for the ride to anywhere.  This budding artist rolled out the welcome mat […]

Gloria Kim – Writing, Faith and Music

Gloria Kim

Pop artist Gloria Kim is attempting to climb the Top 40 charts by releasing her music and her brand anywhere it can be posted. Recording in Los Angeles, but currently residing in Nashville, the young Kim has been writing and performing music since she could pick up a pencil. Her first single, “Oh, Honey,” was […]