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The Nightingales – Coming to the US


The Nightingales have been around for a minute. With members going back to The Prefects, these guys know the scene… and exactly what they’re doing. However, instead of focusing on yesteryear, the ‘Gales are constantly making new music. They’re about to go on tour, so those of us Stateside have the chance to catch brand […]

Fused By Defiance Has a Message to Spread

Fused By Defiance

You know that action scene where the bad guys are getting some major butt-kickage? That’s where you’d hear Fused By Defiance’s, “Hollywood Hold Up.” The hard rock sound is reminiscent of the age of rock’n’roll and a talented addition to the new wave of metal rap springing up. 

August 2015 Earworms

August 2015 Earworms

Joyous Wolf – Sleep Weep Stomp

Joyous Wolf

I never thought a blues song would ever make me head-bang until I heard Joyous Wolf’s latest single, “Sleep Weep Stomp.” This song blends the blues with alternative rock, creating such an amazing song that causes any person that listens to it to feel the intense rage vocalist Nick Reese sings to life, along with […]

The British IBM – Psychopaths Dream in Black and White


Change is a natural part of life and death. Nothing stays the same forever, otherwise life would be pointless and boring. You can’t escape it, because you yearn for it. You want the change to happen, in your life and in yourself, because when you look back at your past self, you realize how foolish […]

Wilhelm Tell Me


Minus the popular songs that strike a hit right off the bat, it often takes a couple tracks to realize how epic a band is or how much they suck, but the first few songs of Wilhelm Tell Me hooked me instantly. The Hamburg/Copenhagen trio is the perfect summer indie pop band to listen to. […]

Mark Mathews – Misspent Future


Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has a unique sound that truly blends the genres of folk and garage-rock.  His EP from earlier this year, titled “Misspent Future,” features Mathews sounding like a rockabilly band on songs like “London Lives,” but indie-rock on “The Girl” and “Someone.”