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Q&A with Dalton Winfree of The Strumms

The Strumms

For those of you who caught the recent Strumms article, you might’ve turned right to YouTube to listen to the Nashville band. For those of you who didn’t, shame on you.  Just kidding.   If you haven’t given them a shot, you should. I was lucky enough to learn all about them in a short […]



London has been the birthplace of numerous well known acts that take a genre and spin it on its head; Gillbanks is one of those artists. 



The UK has blessed us with some of the most influential and, frankly, most incredible music out there.  The Beatles, Radiohead, Muse and Coldplay are just a few of the names that come to mind when thinking of the contribution the country has made to the music world. It’s no wonder, then, that there are […]

Peur – Future Architects

Peur Future Architects

I have never seen an album title so ironic, yet make so much sense, until I listened to Peur’s “Future Architects.” I didn’t realize it at first, but after I listened through the EP several times, after I read through each track’s name, I concluded Peur is a trio of musical geniuses. 

Zoo Pilot

Zoo Pilot

Zoo Pilot is everything you want in an indie-rock group. Seriously. They embody the genre by creating songs that are obscure, mellow, upbeat and everything in between. It’s like they take pieces from all kinds of fun, indie bands and mix them in with their own quirky lyrics and sounds to create something awesome. 

Fall 2K15 Playlist

Fall 2K15 Playlist

The fall season is almost upon us and with that comes hoodies, pumpkin spice everything and most importantly Halloween Oreos. But with all these things coming back into style one thing is always in limbo: what music to listen to.  This playlist was created to be a hybrid of upbeat songs that can be listened […]

Radio Drive – Humanity

Radio Drive

The world cannot survive without innovation. Progress must be made in any situation, including music. The music industry is much different today than it was years ago, thanks to said progress. Without moving forward, nothing new can be accomplished and life would be dull. We cannot go backward. However, there are times when the past […]



There are few things that I love on this earth more than a band with a badass female lead. I mean the kind of chick that you instantly form a girl crush on and are actually kind of afraid of at the same time. MOBIVSTRIP has exactly that. Naama (vocals) and her boys (Dennis – […]

Czarface – Every Hero Needs a Villain


Hip-hop duo 7L and Esoteric have once again joined forces with Wu-Tang Clan member Insepectah Deck for their project, CZARFACE. The trio came into their 2013 self-titled debut “CZARFACE,” an album that had heart, but not a lot of focus. Now they have released their follow up titled “Every Hero Needs a Villain.” 

Tommy Marz Band – Star

Tommy Marz Band

The Tommy Marz Band is a combination of a seasoned musician, and talent that doesn’t care to quit. Hailing from my hometown, Detroit, this band is a keen reminder of ‘90s rock with the newest single, “Star.” While some may not know what the heck I’m talking about, the Tommy Marz Band has a particular […]