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Melissa Weinstein

Melissa Weinstein

Melissa Weinstein is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a soft voice to match her sweet appearance. Her catchy songs are written with an upbeat stroke, to leave anyone who listens a little happier. Her lyrics are meaningful, and although she’s young, her talent is palpable.  

Ben Caplan – Birds With Broken Wings

Ben Caplan

Three years ago I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and what I was most excited to discover about my new home was how diverse the local music scene is. Halifax only has half a million people in it and some of my favourite concert venues obviously can’t compete with the likes of those in Toronto […]

King George – Love Songs & Medications

King George

If there’s one type of song that will never go away, it’s the love song. Since the invention of music itself, millions of songs have been written involving some man or woman pining for someone, or something. They use the song in order to serenade said interest, in hopes they will fall for them. Sometimes […]

Strangely Alright – Paint Outside the Lines

Strangely Alright

Alternative Rock has many different faces and styles, but the thing that all these artists have in common is that they try to break the normal conviction. In come the five-piece from Seattle, Strangely Alright. 

Jont Live in Halifax


Have you ever fallen in love? If so, you’re familiar with the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your arms. You’re probably also no stranger to the feelings of bliss and contentment; as if everything is right in the world. These sensations are similar to those that you get when watching Jont, […]



Vladopus9 may not have much publicity, but for anyone into folk music they’re a pretty good find. With their duet, comprised only of the vocals of Lisa Rau and the acoustic guitar played by Joseph Page, they have a raw sound backed by a soft strum. Vladopus9 is unlike the generic so-called band, with no […]



Self-described as “creamsicle, dreamsoda, poprockz, bubble grunge,” punk duo Horrible/Adorable are the kind of band that will kick your ass and then kiss your cheek. Made up of singer/guitarist Kiki and drummer/backing vocalist CKBH, the girls from Oakland know how to have a good time whether you like it or not. 

Matinée & Miaoux Miaoux – All the Good Fellas


It is a universal truth that song and dance go together. There are few times you see either one apart from the other, and even if you do, it’s usually a tad awkward. Dancing without music causes people to stare, wondering if the person dancing is sane. On the opposing spectrum, people can sing without […]

Simon Fairchild Interview


A number of people—myself included—question the sanity of artists such as Lady Gaga, especially when she decides to trounce around in food-based clothing. However, what happens when a band decides to take it one step further, creating a musical style that can only be described as “Meat Rock?”  Sheer awesomeness.  Simon Fairchild, master rocker from […]

The Living Strange – 2 AM Freak Show

The Living Strange

Los Angeles rock duo The Living Strange are bringing and old style back from the grave with a kiss of modern lips. Elijah Sokolow and Ben Shafrir are 16 and 21 years old, respectively and are merging the singing style of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, with the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the […]