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Let’s Talk Daggers – A Beautiful Life

Let's Talk Daggers

The recent album by Let’s Talk Daggers is definitely for the strange and untamed mind. The newly released songs are a hardcore punk guilty pleasure that give you an idea of what a psychedelic freakout might feel like. Listening to the 12 songs will leave you intrigued, a bit frightened, and not knowing whether you […]

Northern Uproar – Hey Samurai!

Northern Uproar - Hey Samurai!

I’m a huge fan of British pop/rock so these guys aren’t new to me, but I couldn’t be more excited about the release of their new album, Hey Samurai! Northern Uproar have been around for a while (forming in 1995) so they have a few albums to explore, but they really take on a new […]

Joyous Wolf – Daisy

Joyous Wolf Daisy

Joyous Wolf has done it again. Earlier this year, the band released their head-banging, blues song, “Sleep Weep Stomp,” an incredible blend of blues and alternative rock. This song was amazing and the band showed a lot of potential. I enjoyed writing my review of them and I couldn’t wait to hear more from them. […]

Counting Coins – Don’t Look Down

Counting Coins

Music that prompts mosh pits is normally seen as destructive – an adolescent rebellion to authority. When you find a band that throws a bit of culture into that unruly mix, a sense of pride tends to slither in, plus a more powerful “stick it to the man” feeling. The music of Counting Coins is […]

Angéline – Back to Pike Place


Have you ever put a song on after a tough day at work that caused you to immediately calm down, brush away the weight of the day and completely melt into the music? That is literally the experience I had when I turned on Angéline’s SoundCloud Listening to her soothing and sultry voice is like […]

Silverbird – Pureland

Silverbird Pureland

Rock n roll has many different facades to the point where every band now has a unique style you can’t quite pin down. That’s where New York rockers, Silverbird land.