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Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean


The Surf Rock era came and went as quickly as the 50s, and while there aren’t many attempts at reviving the genre, English rockers Sugarmen and their new single “Plastic Ocean” have plenty of beach vibes for a new era.   

Skittish – Two Legs Bad


I love being surprised by a band. When each track on an album is its own unique adventure, that’s when I get excited. Which is why the album Two Legs Bad by Skittish had me giddy with anticipation. Each track from the indie-pop band has its own complex sound and message, but all nine are […]

Oranj Son – Psycho Disco Face

Oranj Son

What do you get when you mix the psychedelic sounds of a post-modern British band and the soundtracks to our favorite ‘80s movies? That would be the Liverpool born band, Oranj Son. This four piece band, who describes themselves as “psych punk,” is making music that will one day be called our generation’s “classics.” This […]

Spells and Curses – Suadade

Spells and Curses Live

I love listening to an album with a centralized theme because this topic tends to pull me in. It makes me consider how the songs work together and how the theme drives them. How this theme is portrayed can vary, from the song names, the lyrics, or the album’s title. The latter is what pulls […]

The Liquorsmiths – This Book Belongs To

The Liquorsmiths

One amazing thing about music is how listening to it can take you into another world. During the past months, I’ve found myself driving down a country road, sitting around a campfire with my family and friends, and even dancing at the party of my life. All I have to do is start an album […]

Good Charlotte Is Back and I Need a Moment

Good Charlotte

In case you hadn’t heard (but you have heard because you don’t live under a rock), Good Charlotte is making a return. They released their newest song “Makeshift Love” with a lyric video and an actual music video (not that lyric videos aren’t legit; I’d just rather see their smiling faces).  

The Deadline Shakes – Zealots

The Deadline Shakes

One of my favourite genres of music is folk. I think this is mostly because it’s a genre that is usually pretty simplistic and pure, but can be either incredibly exciting and upbeat or really mellow and beautiful. You can’t always get both of those things in one genre.  The Deadline Shakes aren’t pure folk, […]

The Christians – We

The Christians - Rise

The United Kingdom may not be known for soul music, but The Christians from Liverpool, England are here to break that trend.  Founded in 1985 by three brothers, lead vocalist Garry Christian, the late instrumentalist Roger Christian and keyboardist/saxophone Russell Christian along with Henry Priestman, The Christians have been through line-up changes as well as […]

Dinosaur Eyelids – Bypass to Nowhere

Dinosaur Eyelids

Dinosaur Eyelids holds true to its credo of “We may never be rich but we’ll always be loud,” with their new album “Bypass to Nowhere.” If you’ve ever heard Dinosaur Eyelids before, you know they’re a minimum lyrics type of band. Their new album is no different. 

Official Burnt Toast – Money as Debt and Hi Time

Official Burnt Toast

Rap is already considered to be poetry set to music, but Londoners Official Burnt Toast take that idea to a simpler form with their spoken word songs.