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Nine Lies – 9 Lies

Nine Lies - Stevie Mann

There is something about listening to rock that makes me excited. I’m not sure what it is or why it happens, but rock peps me up. It energizes me, even when I’m depressed. I could be suffering from food poisoning, keeling over from nausea, and all it takes is a good rock band to cure […]

Qualia – Triptych

Qualia - Triptych

“Qualia,” in Philosophy, refers to the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena. How appropriate for a band that is so incredibly stimulating that you don’t know whether to dance, air drum or just jump up and down when you listen to them. 

Tommy Marz Band – Bringing Alpha

Tommy Marz Band

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Tommy Marz Band is pretty frickin’ amazing. My last article gave a good overview and direction of the band, with a mention of the newest single “Star,” but this time the whole album was available for me to listen. Can you say geeked? 

How Do We Keep Venues? A Lesson From The Masquerade

Photo courtesy of The Masq's Facebook page.

Four years of my life were spent in Atlanta. Some wonderful (and not so wonderful) things happened to me there, but the shining gem is the Masquerade. It is absolutely the best venue in Atlanta. With three rooms inside – Heaven, Hell and Purgatory – and an outdoor music park, it is a haven and […]

All The King’s Men – Making My Escape

All The King's Men

There is something about England and rock. Some kind of magical, creative force seems to constantly inspire and form amazing, new bands. The force has been around for a while, breathing life into many incredible talents such as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, and it’s still doing so with All The King’s Men. 

The Astrals

The Astrals

Sometimes when you want something to be a true reflection of yourself and your hard work and talent, you take a really, really long time to do it. The Astrals, originally formed in France, took their time creating their self-titled EP (starting the project in 2011) so that they could pour everything they had into […]