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Listen to Ships Have Sailed Until The World Runs Out of Time

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman

Ships Have Sailed is a breath of fresh air in the music business normally saturated with superficial inspirations. Hailing from Los Angeles, this duo is comprised of bass player, Daniel Hange, and guitarist, Will Carpenter, whose vocals only sweeten the eardrums with every song.  

Barney Goodall & The NightHawks – If We Don’t Find Love Tonight

Barney Goodall & The NightHawks

Piano-rock has always had the advantage of hitting the hardest notes and the softest melodies at the same time and in some cases in the same song. Barney Goodall & The NightHawks, a piano-rock band from Liverpool, Britain, have crafted a relaxing track with an edge in their first single “If We Don’t Find Love […]