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The Quiet Cull – This Cold, Rational World

The Quiet Cull

The four-piece ensemble known as the Quiet Cull first emerged from the musically inconspicuous and snow-ridden city of Anchorage, Alaska in 2013.  The first album, titled Allegories and Rhythm, is an effort written and recorded solely by the band’s current vocalist/guitarist Todd Farnsworth, according to the group’s official website. That album offered upbeat, metalcore type riffs […]

Brutus Begins – 3P

Brutus Begins

Brutus Begins is a Canadian indie/alt-rock band that is still really fresh with just a three song EP (3P) under their belts so far. Those three songs are pretty great, though and filled with inspiration from some of my favourite alt-rock bands like Cage the Elephant, Rural Alberta Advantage and Born Ruffians.  

Pacific – What Are You Waiting For?


I absolutely adore music driven by piano and keyboard. Sure, I love guitars and drum solos, but there’s something about a pianist that can turn a great song into a work of brilliance. The piano’s magic has been used for years, creating reverence for classical artists such as Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart, and even today, […]

Almost Awake

Almost Awake

Almost Awake is an alternative rock band making name for themselves in Las Vegas with their Paramore-like sound. The low vocals from lead singer, Victoria Liano, allow for easy listening despite the rock background. The lyrics aren’t intruding, jabbing into the mind like most typical alt-rock bands are, but instead there’s a softness to the […]

Joni Fuller – Everybody Says So

Joni Fuller

Americana is a genre that has burst onto the scene in recent years, but nobody has seemed to blend upbeat pop stylings with it… until now.  Joni Fuller and her new single “Everybody Says So” sound like Credence Clearwater Revival blended with today’s leading female vocalists. Fuller’s got ferocity and some sass in her delivery […]

Dani Rosenoer

Dani Rosenoer

Let’s assume Three Days Grace is where you have heard of Dani Rosenoer. He does amazing work as keyboardist and backing vocalist on the band’s tours, but what about his time before the band and in between tours? Did his fingers and vocal chords go to waste? I am happy to say they didn’t and […]

Sam GO – Gringo

Sam GO Gringo

What can I say about Sam GO? He’s definitely an interesting guy. He describes himself as a prematurely, cynical asshole, but his music couldn’t be anything further from that. It’s upbeat and fun and has some really fun beats that are easy to bounce around to.