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The Other Side of Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson

I have always believed practice is what makes any artist great. Whether you’re a writer, a painter, or a musician, you will never surpass others’ expectations unless you practice your trade. It may take years for you to become a master and well-known throughout the world, but it will be worth it in the end […]

The Dirty Earth – Ascendancy

The Dirty Earth Ascendancy

Start off with some ‘70s-inspired stoner rock, add in some female bravado on vocals and blues style solos on guitar. Now, imagine this sound coming from the land down under. In reality, what you’re imagining is The Dirty Earth.

The Scheme – Dust

The Scheme

Your inner 16-year-old, boy band-loving dweeb will jump up and down when you hear this song. It has everything that a modern day pop song should have: love, adorable young male vocals and an uplifting chorus. If Dust by The Scheme isn’t already on the iPods of young girls everywhere, it will be sooner than […]

Andrew Tufano – 100 Songs in 100 Days

Andrew Tufano

Writing a song can be difficult, writing a song a day for 100 days can be damn near impossible, for multi-instrumentalist Andrew Tufano, it was a challenge he couldn’t resist. A musician for over a decade, Tufano moved to Nashville a couple years ago and has been writing and performing all over town for other […]

Peasant Moon: Fading in the Light EP

Peasant Moon

There is something stereotypical about a duet. Everyone assumes it has to involve a guy and a girl professing endless phrases of love to each other. This assumption comes from famous duets such as “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “I Got You, Babe.” Because songs like these involved happy romantic relationships, every other duet should […]

’90s Emo Playlist

90s Emo Playlist

I’m about to use a dirty word: emo. Yes, dirty indeed, as it’s become a particularly shameful thing to enjoy the emo genre. Much like the Grunge movement in the ‘90s, the term today is used to describe a particular fashion trend and attitude. It carries a negative stereotype used to generally describe a person […]

Liberty Ship – Learning to Fly

Liberty Ship Learning To Fly_72dpi_No_Logo

I discovered Liberty Ship accidentally this past summer when I was sitting in a tiny bar discussing festival lineups with my friend and the song Fire Your Love came on over the speakers. As soon as I heard the first stroke of Brown’s bass I was digging it. Four friends make up Liberty Ship  – Lewis […]

Drew Worthley – Crucible

Drew Worthley Crucible

Our pasts shape us. We are affected by what we have done, said, heard, read, and watched during our time growing up, so it is the things that shaped us we most cherish or what affected us the most emotionally. Song writers like East Londoner Drew Worthley show this fondness using allusions— references made in […]

Sam GO – Influences, Writing and Spiritual Success

Sam GO Gringo

What can I say about Sam GO? As someone who described himself at one point as a prematurely cynical asshole, my interview with Sam Griffin-Ortiz was actually very enlightening and philosophical at times. We chatted about everything from his latest album Gringo, to his very out-of-the-ordinary tour of South America. It really became less of […]



Think of how much you know about your favorite musicians and how easy it is to find new information on those artists. It’s at our fingertips, usually just a click away. For the band Sacart, I have to admit with some astonishment, finding this information hasn’t been as simple.