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Worth Taking – Touring, Writing, Japan and Ice Cream

Worth Taking

Pop-punk band Worth Taking are coming in hot with their latest LP “Hangman.” With heavy bass lines and a voice from Jerod McBrayer that will caress your eardrums, it’s clear to hear that Worth Taking are bringing the pop-punk from yesteryear into the present, and with a tour on the horizon, into the future as […]

Great Falls – The Fever Shed

Great Falls The Fever Shed

If you were to ask me to sum up the music of the Seattle trio known as Great Falls in one word, it would be brutal. The new album, The Fever Shed is no exception. In fact, it’s the musical equivalent of being hit with a ton of bricks. Released in November 2015, this unforgiving […]

Meadowhawks – Wild Suburbia

Meadowhawks Wild Suburbia

Sometimes when you haven’t gone to the grocery store in over a month, you end up taking a bunch of random ingredients from your fridge and pantry and just throwing it into a pot. Often, these meals turn out to be surprisingly delicious and eventually become staples in your recipe book. That’s kind of how […]

Danny Mecanovic

Danny Mecanovic

I have never been in a serious relationship, but I understand the feelings that surface when couples fall apart. Grief, guilt, regret—the combination can tear people apart, completely altering the depths of their minds. These emotions can also provide inspiration, especially in music, but the muses can create two different paths. The first involves anger, […]

The Minerals

The Minerals

It’s not often that bands will incorporate acoustic guitars with bravado drum beats, but that’s exactly what British rockers The Minerals have combined on the self-titled debut.

Will Sims – Amber Eyes

Amber Eyes

It’s always nice when artists write about things that basically everyone can relate to. I love when I listen to a song and have that “ah-ha” moment when I realize I totally know what they’re talking about. Will Sims writes songs about how relationships work, from romantic and intimate relationships to awkward social experiences.Through his […]

Thrillkiller – Time


Thrillkiller is the musical aftermath of the popular Maryland-based band Aries. The former enjoyed a successful eight-year run, during which time it shared the stage with acts such as Symphony X and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row.

Jacques Péna

Jacques Péna

When I listen to songs in other languages, there’s a fifty-fifty chance it will be exciting or weird. The language of the track is a large influence, but like many English songs, the genre alone can impact my reaction as well. If I do not understand the language the song is sung in, I must […]