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Music and Money with David Adams

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Most of the time when people think or rock stars or rap gods they think about the fancy cars and clothes and boats, worth hundreds of thousands, that get taken out once a year. But all these expensive items of luxury come with taxes, bookkeeping and (in the case of MC Hammer) bankruptcy. Independent financial […]

Emily McNally – Small Town EP

Emily McNally

There is a limit to how much digital editing is needed in music, but have we surpassed that limit? As technology continues to improve, audio editing software is being used more and more. YouTube alone is filled with millions of dubstep videos, both original tracks and older songs electronically edited. You hear teens and young […]

Of Clocks and Clouds – Another Life

Photo: Mats Bakken

Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio are two Brooklyn dudes that make up the electro-rock duo, Of Clocks and Clouds. The Black Keys and TV on the Radio sounding duo is planning to release their full-length, self-produced album this summer; their second piece of work following the 2014 release of their self-titled EP.

Pathos, Pathos – Pet Names

Photo: Steven Diaz

If you know the meaning of the word “pathos,” the band Pathos, Pathos may sound like a group of severely depressed emo rockers. The word is used to describe an experience that causes feelings of pity or sorrowfulness. However, as the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The music is an […]

Clark’s Secret Identity

Clark's Secret Identity

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what style of music to which Clark’s Secret Identity belongs. The band’s name is perfectly fitting, as the exact identity of its musical genre seems to be a secret known only to its members. This is apparently intentional due to the group describing itself as “an experimental […]

Evan Taylor Jones – The Sunray Sessions

Photo: Angē Inez

The moment I began listening to “The Sunray Sessions,” Evan Taylor Jones’ newest EP, I traveled back in time. Decades were rewound and I found myself simultaneously in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I saw visions of James Brown, the Jackson 5, and many other masters of the soul genre. Some I recognized, others I […]

Jack Berry – The Bull

Jack Berry

Jack Berry. First of all, great name. Second of all, great face. Third of all, and most importantly, what a a sound! This guy has everything you need to create a rock star. I’ve never seen him perform live, but I picture girls swooning over him and guys rocking along with him. His tunes are […]

Kinky Rhino – Garage Roque

Kinky Rhino

The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to anything by Kinky Rhino is that kid from my high school with the shaggy hair and leather cuff bracelets. The one that you just knew went home at 3:00pm everyday and plugged his guitar into his amp and rocked until his mom made him […]

Inherit the Stars – Fortune Favours the Brave

Inherit the Stars - Fortune Favours the Brave

Hardcore rockers Inherit the Stars blend industrial synths with double kicks and blood curdling screams on their new single “Fortune Favours the Brave.”

Sami Chohfi – Blue Helix, Teaching and STP

Sami Chohfi

Sami Chohfi, the lead vocalist of Blue Helix sat down for a phone interview with Creative Control. Chohfi shed light on his past, his Grunge rock influences, and provided some enlightening details on the band and its creative process.