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Of Clocks and Clouds: Origins & New Music

Photo: Mats Bakken

Of Clocks and Clouds is made up of two guys from Brooklyn – Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio. The duo has managed to create a sound that is similar to some of my favourites, The Black Keys and TV on the Radio, but has its own unique twist. Proving that they’re not a one-trick pony, […]

Skunkmello – Hot Chicken


Photo: AJ Ferrer The term “Urban Cowboys” seems appropriate when describing the NYC outfit known as Skunkmello. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I doubt that there are more than enough country and southern rock acts calling the vast metropolis home. It’s just that the genre in this location appears largely unnoticed and its […]

Matt El – Your Town and You Plus Me


Indie-rocker Matt El has released a pair of singles so far this year, the poppy anthem of new beginnings with “My Town” and the more romantic duet of “You Plus Me.”

Sarah Khan – The Mind Behind the Voice

Sarah Khan

It is one thing to hear an artist singing on their albums, but it’s another thing entirely to have a conversation with that artist. Last week, I discussed New York pop singer Sarah Khan. I praised her powerful singing voice, with its powerful, mesmerizing charms. However, this week I received the chance to talk to […]

Sundown Delay – Rubik’s Cube is Fighting Back

Sundown Delay

Hailing from Alingsås, Sweden, a town located just north of Gothenburg (the birthplace of melodic death metal), Sundown Delay is not the kind of band one would expect coming from this area. In its press release, the band depicts Alingsås as “a shithole of a town” with its most prominent figure being a man who […]

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

If I had to pick the most powerful instrument in the world, it would be the human voice. Guitars and drums are great, but a person’s voice has so much more potential. It has such a wide range and it is different for every person. It can cause tears, smiles, and laughter. But even if […]

Port Cities, Dave Sampson & Jordan Musycsyn Live at the Marquee


There’s a venue in Halifax, Nova Scotia where bikes, mannequins and stained glass adorn the ceilings and you only have about a handful of options when it comes to beverages. Also, the bathrooms and the ATM are both in the basement (which is another bar completely). These characteristics don’t sound like they’d belong to one […]

Wrong Generation, or Wrong Attitude?


Music is arguably the most diverse form of media we have this day in age. Every genre has a subgenre, has a subgenre has a sub. With things like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Grooveshark from back in the day, there is no shortage of music available to us today. But all this access has […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Record Store Day


Record Store Day is upon us. It’s Christmas to music nerds and collectors. It’s a day where we can all come together and share our passion for the art. Like anything good that gets mainstream attention, there are the dismissive hipsters who refuse to let us have a good time, but I promise there are […]

Emily McNally – Singing, Songwriting and Marvel

Emily McNally

Some of you may remember a couple weeks ago when I reviewed New York artist Emily McNally’s EP, “Small Town.” It was an amazing group of songs from an extremely talented artist. You can imagine how stoked I was, however, when I was given the opportunity to chat with Miss McNally. I enjoyed her EP […]