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Jeff Wright – Kinky Rhino and Blue Man Group

Kinky Rhino

Kinky Rhino is a garage-rock band made up of Jeff Wright and some members of Blue Man Group. In a review of their newest single, I mentioned that their sound reminded me of that kid from my high school with the shaggy hair and leather cuff bracelets. The one that you just knew went home […]

The Hotspur Press – All You Know

The Hotspur Press

Indie-pop or Indie-rock or Indie-anything is such a catch all phrase these days when it comes to describing artists’ style, but most people know exactly what an “Indie” band sounds like, making it up to the artists to stake their own claim. English rockers from Manchester, The Hotspur Press and their new single “All You […]

The Black Atlas – Equinox

The Black Atlas

The best kind of art is the kind that you don’t understand. Well, the only true art is not understood. A form of art that is completely understood is just a more creative form of direct communication. Yes, it’s true that even if the art is easily digestible, most people don’t truly understand what it’s […]

Rob Barr – A Hero Foundation

Rob Barr

I think it is amazing when people put others before themselves. As a Christian, I strive to remain humble and consider the needs of others instead of myself, so I love to see people spending time working with and donating to charities. However, when it comes to musicians or any celebrities supporting charities, I often […]

Actual Villains

Actual Villains EP

Pop-punk rockers Actual Villains have released their self-titled debut EP, and the guys allowed Creative Control an early listen.

The Rainband – Storm

The Rainband

It’s rare these days that I come across a song that really stands for something. Such statement holds especially true if the song is new. Sure, rebellion against society is ever-present in rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s difficult to think of the modern day when thinking of songs that called for social justice or human […]

James Holt – Sanguine on the Rocks

James Holt

James Holt is a Manchester based musician whose sound is wise beyond his years. At only 23, the vocalist/guitarist and his three piece band tap into multiple genres in their upcoming EP, Sanguine on the Rocks. It’s the kind of music that keeps you guessing and wondering throughout the entire listening experience. It’s nearly impossible […]