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Sykoya – Strange Night EP


Electronica can be something of a catch-22 in the music world. Have a sound that’s too unique and you can risk mass appeal, but make something more radio friendly and you become a carbon copy of Daft Punk or CHVRCHES. In step, Sykoya proves you can sound like a witch-house band without hitting every single […]

Deepshade – Time


Does anything truly shock us anymore? In the age of Internet, it’s doubtful. It seems that every form of taboo imaginable has already been covered in the entertainment industry in some form. Still, it takes guts to challenge religion, and from what I can gather, Deepshade’s video for Time does exactly that.

Niamh Crowther EP

Niamh Crowther

At 23, I’m astounded by today’s youth. People even younger than me have accomplished so much in the few years they’ve lived in this world. One friend of mine spent this past school year hosting a charity ball, planning an art show, made a 35 on his ACT, and is even looking at colleges. He’s […]

The Jet Reds – On and On & Time to Fly

The Jet Reds

Craig Redpath (singer/rhythm guitar), Russ Vasey (bass/backing vocals), Dan Richards (lead guitar) and Jack Pearson (drums) come together to create a band from Newcastle that delivers a unique brand of indie-rock. The band, known as The Jet Reds, have similarities to bands like Oasis and Kasabian. While I can’t truly say I’m a fan of […]

The Broadcasts

The Broadcasts

Odds are if a band was featured on BBC Radio, I’m probably a fan. That rule applies here with The Broadcasts. They’re the kind of band that you want to scream-sing along to in your car, but also the kind of band that you toss in your ears while you’re studying or working. They’re acoustic, […]

Øyvind Weiseth – Hold On

Øyvind Weiseth

Many people say there is no more originality, especially in media. While I personally believe there are concepts we have yet to utilize, I will agree originality is hard to come by. Whenever I try to create new characters and storylines, they remind me of people and plots from my favorite shows, books, and movies. […]

Soothing Rock Playlist

Soothing Rock Playlist

High volume is perhaps the most distinctive factor in most modern rock songs today. For me, this is a large part of its appeal. I love the sound of distorted guitars and the energy that comes with heavier music. However, I also need to listen to give myself a break from the hard stuff every now and chill […]

Suzerain – Identity


Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Pink Floyd went out to the Western United States to make their music for an atmospheric apocalypse? If yes, then Suzerain’s latest LP “Identity” is right in your wheelhouse.

Kirra – Run Away

Kirra Run Away

According to Kirra guitarist Daxton Page, the band “wanted to make a statement about overproduction in the rock world today,” with the debut album Run Away. After listening to the album, I can say without a doubt that this music doesn’t sound like it came from a present-day rock band, but Kirra has captured a […]

Winter 1982 – Worry

Winter 1982 Worry

The first thing I said when I listened to Worry by Winter 1982 was, “YES!” This was my initial reaction for a number of reasons, but mostly  because I was listening to alternative folk – a genre that I love but that isn’t found easily as it’s easy for an alt-folk song to become just […]