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Bizzythowed: The Next Volume


Urban rocker Bizzythowed has worked with artists throughout his career, like Nicki Minaj, Fabolous and with The Weeknd on his Grammy award-winning album “Beauty Behind the Madness.” Now the Texan is taking the mic and guitar on his blend of hip-hop and hard rock on his new EP “Blank Check, Vol. 1.”

Only Shadows – We Go Further

Only Shadows

I am constantly amazed by how many musicians inhabit this world. Everywhere you look—from radio to television to the web—there are always plenty of artists and bands astounding audiences with their incredible music. This planet is overflowing with talent, especially in the music industry.

The Battles of Winter – Love’s White Thread

The Battles of Winter

I often wonder how many people actually know the lyrics to their favorite songs. Sure, it’s easy to memorize lyrics, but do you really know what they mean? And if you do, did you understand immediately what the song was trying to say?

The Regal Beagle Band Live

The Regal Beagle Band

I know I say this often, but Nova Scotia, Canada has some serious musical talent. A lot of that talent comes from a tiny island – Cape Breton. Like The Town Heroes, Dave Sampson and Port Cities (all who I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing before), Regal Beagle hails from Cape Breton Island but with […]

3 Kisses – Cardboard Cutouts

3 Kisses

Prolific, energetic, brash. These are just a few words to describe the punk act known as 3 Kisses.

Bizzythowed – Blank Check, Vol. 1


When most people think of rock stars, they probably don’t think of those who have worked with  Nicki Minaj or The Weeknd, but guitarist/singer/songwriter, who’s worked with both, is here with a solo EP that blends hip-hop lyrics and guitar solos for something unlike anything you’ve heard before.



Reviewing KinZie was a tough job for me. While listening to their EP, Young Vagabonds, I found myself going back and forth between really digging what I was hearing and wanted to hit the skip button. The EP jumps between metal sounds and more punk-rock sounds, leaving me wondering which direction the band might go […]

Circle of Reason – Questions

Circle of Reason

Seeing the new video for Circle of Reason’s Questions may leave you with your own set of inquiries. The recently released single from the upcoming album Faith or Theory (due out May 27th) is accompanied with a video that is vague both visually and in the sense of its meaning. The song starts abruptly, seemingly […]

Come the Spring – 24

Come The Spring

Imagery is key in music. Whenever I listen to a song, I close my eyes and create scenes in my head. Sometimes, I’ll put myself on stage with the band, jamming out on the guitar or vocals. If the song’s lyrics depict a story, I’ll make myself one of the characters, involving myself in whatever […]