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Piqued Jacks – Aerial Roots

Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks has added to the amazing culture we get to experience. The polychromatic funk/alt-rock band released their latest album “Aerial Roots,” comprised of all acoustic tracks. At first listen you’d think they were originally from the US, based on their sound, but their roots come from much farther away. Honestly, you’d never know the […]

Sam Louis

Photo: AJ Astle Photography

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sam Louis has had a passion for music for basically his entire life. At 12 years old he began singing and developed a love for pop music – writing songs and performing at events around his hometown. Not only is Sam passionate about music, but he is also […]

Girls Bite Dogs


When it comes to marketing in music today, what is seen is just as important as what is heard. An artist’s image is seemingly vital to success. Although, imagery can also be a double-edged sword with the capability to ruin the picture the listener has in his or her head; much like seeing a novel […]

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Retrospective


New York City in the 90s was forever changed when hip-hop took off a veil of party anthems, and traded them for a microphone bought at the Goodwill and used pantyhose as a pop filter. Queensbridge duo, Mobb Deep and their 1995 album “The Infamous” joined the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy as […]



Dash|Ten is a band that serves a bit more of a purpose than the average group these days. You might even say that there’s a common theme among them. What makes things so unique is the fact that this is a trio of military musicians on a mission to enlighten others about life in the […]

The Strumms – Album of Un-American Activities

The Strumms Album Art

With the political divide in our country seemingly splitting farther and farther apart, The Strumms are calling it like it is, no holds barred, on their new album “Album of Un-American Activities.”

The Broken Saints – Life Sentences

The Broken Saints - Life Sentences

As someone who grew up on a small island known for folk and Celtic music, I felt an immediate connection to The Broken Saints. Their sound, although still developing and growing I think, features a lot of the similarities of the folky music that reminds me of my hometown.

They Called Him Zone – Miami

They Called Him Zone

They Called Him Zone’s new EP “Miami” gives you a glimpse at the underground music of the 21st century. The fast paced techno feel makes you think you’re signing up for a rave while the dark feel behind the scenes creeps up as the song continues. “Miami” turns techno into a hypnotic backdrop for any […]

Polaris Rose – Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies

Polaris Rose

Polaris Rose brings you the latest in their long line of epic feel-good tracks with their album “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies.” This upbeat, sort-of indie album gives you the high of freedom you so desperately crave.

Blueprint – Vigilante Genesis


You can tell a lot about a hip-hop artist when the first beat of their first song kicks in. Rapper/producer Blueprint starts his new EP “Vigilante Genesis” with the sound of a spray can rattling and being used before the lull of a distorted bass starts humming. Immediately you get the sense that this won’t […]