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Ria Mae

Ria Mae

Ria Mae is from the little-big city of Halifax, Nova Scotia and has had no problem packing multiple venues – be it dive bars or concert halls – since her hit single, Clothes Off, hit the airwaves last year. Mae moved to Montreal in the winter in hopes of being inspired and courted by the […]

Circle of Reason – Never Enough

Circle of Reason

The concept of Circle of Reason’s new video for Never Enough is not a new one in the realm of the music industry. A press release explains that the song “explores the lyrical theme of ‘no matter what you do, it’s never good enough for some people.’” While being at the mercy of your significant […]

Julia Louise – Shock Therapy

Julia Louise

Listening to a new artist is like reading a new book series. When you turn to the first page, you don’t know anything about the main character or the author who created him or her. You have no idea what kind of hero you’ll be following or what life they live. You can read the […]

Youth Hostel – Out of My Mouth

Youth Hostel

Indie-pop bands are so fun. They can have so many different vibes from mellow pop to incredibly enticing and upbeat. One of the most important things indie-pop bands should have, though, is probably a catchy melody – the type that you hum for 20 minutes after the song has ended. Youth Hostel definitely has this […]

Penna – ChemicalGod

Penna - ChemicalGod

It’s not always necessary to collaborate with others to make music. Although, it’s often a wise choice to do so just to have differing sets of ears and perspectives to aid in the process. This is precisely the point of having various levels of production (from mixing to mastering). Despite this fact, if you have […]

The Fontaines – II

The Fontaines

The Fontaines, a brother-sister duo hailing from Los Angeles, have crafted a sound that’s part twee, punk and, most importantly, fun on their new EP “II.”