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Warped Tour 2016: Why Warped?


Summer festivals are shitshows. The food is expensive, people are under the influence of possibly multiple substances, and it’s hotter than the seventh circle of hell. Or maybe I’m getting too old to appreciate them. Regardless, I’ll never pass on seeing the Warped Tour. Warped 2008 popped my cherry and it was a religious experience. […]

Katie Burden – I Can See It Clear

Photo: Kristin Cofer

It seems like there’s always a shortage of female blues singers, or at least few in the mainstream, but Katie Burden has crooned up a sultry song in “I Can See It Clear” on her debut LP “Strange Moon.” 

Japam – How’s My EP?


Have you ever come across a band so odd that it left you dumbfounded? I could think of a few: Primus, Faith No More, Tool, and Japam. Who’s Japam? Well, let me explain.

Metric Live


Metric was never on my list of must-see bands. Mostly because I couldn’t understand how they’d compare to their records because there are so many electronic/techno sounding songs. When I heard the band would be headlining a festival in my city, though, I couldn’t refrain from hitting up the waterfront to see just what Emily […]

Warped Tour 2016 – Teenage Bottlerocket’s Ray Carlisle


At Warped Tour, there’s a different show every day. The turn out for certain bands in Nashville is going to be different than the show in San Francisco. Still, there’s a surprising feature about Nashville that outsiders don’t seem to get – we love music. Of course, images of the Grand Ole Opry come to […]

Forebear – Delroy Lindo


I don’t know when it started happening, but at some point in music history, exceptionally talented artists starting forming “supergroups.” These supergroups are essentially  bands created by a bunch of totally awesome musicians that are famous/talented in their own right. Some examples of supergroups are Them Crooked Vultures, Broken Social Scene, Broken Bells and The […]

The Killing Floor


What makes The Killing Floor an amazing band is the fact that it exists because of an unlikely meeting between brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici of London and Marco Argiro of New York. These guys met at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in 2009. They decided to form a band after they realized […]

Ok Robot – What’s Your Reason for Existing?


Punk is known for songs barely clocking in over two minutes and using guitar solos as sparingly as a nun would drink a bottle of Jack, but six-piece punk outfit Ok Robot has put that thought to bed on their LP “What’s your reason for Existing?”

Warped Tour 2016 – Less Than Jake’s Chris DeMakes


What makes Warped Tour so magical is that you can see bands of just about any genre. Sure, there was a definite pop-punk calling, but these days anything goes. From pop, rock, punk, hip-hop and whatever “alternative” means now, you can hear it all. You can see Sum 41 play a packed field or The […]

The Western Sons – Frontiers


A couple of buddies jamming together in their basement is the thought that comes to mind when listening to The Western Sons. Four friends – Garrett Carr, Tyler Cohenour, Blake Rigdon and Kyle Meggison – started playing together at the University of South Florida and slowly but surely discovered a sound that they felt represented […]