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Blues rock has had something of a resurgence over the past decade with bands like The Black Keys and The White Stripes and now Bleeker have followed in their footsteps with their self-titled EP.

Heavy Static – An Evil That Hides

Heavy Static

After listening to it, what stands out most is not the music or the lyrics, but its initially misleading title. An Evil That Hides by Heavy Static implied that I would hear a downright morbid tune. My inner Goth was disappointed when a playful glam-rock song hit my eardrums after pressing the play button.



I dare you not to dance. “Addictable” by Giulia is a recent addition to the female pop revolution, and its infectious sound hypnotizes you, bringing you to your feet by the first chorus. This hidden gem is the latest in this Italian singer’s journey to stardom, and an instant love of mine.

Strangely Alright – Shake It

Photo: Bill Bungard

Seattle is known for genre defining and defying bands, and rockers Strangely Alright are no different with their blend of pop choruses and punchy guitars on their new single, “Shake It.”

Will Sims – May Never Be Forgotten

Will Sims - May Never Be Forgotten

Will Sims is a Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist who puts his musical focus into the creation of songs that focus on relationships. He hopes to form a connection with listeners through his high-energy and passionate vocals.

Joyous Wolf – Mountain Man

Joyous Wolf Featured

It’s safe to say that today’s youth, are more open-minded than ever. Even so, a great many of them have a taste for little more than what’s current on the charts when it comes to music. I remember being one of not more than three or four kids in my high school graduating class that […]