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The Missendens – New Horizon


Craig Hansen has been through his share of trials and tribulations as a musician. A press release for his group, The Missendens, reveals that he grew up listening to classic rockers such as David Bowie, and The Sex Pistols. After spending years of time and energy on music, his talents landed him with a band […]

The Battles of Winter – At Once With Tattered Sails


Writing for Creative Control has introduced me to a number of artists I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. Each week, a new artist or group enters my field of vision, but there are times when someone I’ve written about before returns to focus. It’s like I’m making sequels, but unlike Hollywood’s unneeded ones, this […]

Petya Dankova – Sweet or Bitter


Forget everything you know about Bulgarian-jazz-funk musicians and open your eyes and ears to Petya Dankova and the smooth sounds on her album “Sweet or Bitter.”

The Tragically Hip – Man Machine Poem – Day 3 in Toronto


Armed with will and determination…and grace, too. Gord Downie, lead of The Tragically Hip, embodies that line from the song Grace, Too. Those words have never been felt deeper than they were these last few weeks as the band takes the stage in multiple cities across Canada for what has been deemed their farewell tour.

Turning Music Making into a Daily Habit


Each songwriter has their own strategies for working on their craft; some like to work in a certain environment, and others can only work at a certain time of the day as their productively levels decrease as the night falls. Ideally, songwriting or production should be something that comes naturally to us on a daily […]

Blue Playlist


June 14, 2016 – Two days after a man in Orlando killed 49 people in a gay-friendly nightclub called Pulse in Orlando. Like everyone I was shocked that an event like this could happen, but for some reason it didn’t hit me until that day. I don’t know if it was the eight hours of […]

Molly Warburton – Not Your Enemy


It is rare to see a positive break-up song. After all, the term “break-up” has a bitter taste, conjoined with images depicting people who stalk an ex’s Facebook page and wish suffering upon them. I realize there are many bad splits, but I also know some couples can civilly end a relationship. The two realize […]

Three Dimensional Tanx – Attack


While the origins of the band itself date back to 16 years ago, the origins of the sound it subscribes to date back to more than 40 years ago. Three Dimensional Tanx is a psychedelic rock act from Lancaster, U.K. that has drawn comparisons to The Stooges, and MC5.  The new album, Attack, will be released […]



When a band drops an EP that was produced by the man responsible for albums from bands like Florence and the Machine, your hopes are obviously pretty high right from the get-go. Aside from that, DreamVacation has a lineup of musicians that have performed with acts like Foster the People, The War on Drugs and […]

City and Colour Live


I used to refer to Dallas Green as kind of whiny. His music always seemed so full of angst and kind of sad – as if he constantly had a broken heart. After seeing him and his all-star band, City and Colour, on the Halifax Waterfront during Jazz Fest though, my opinion has changed…slightly.