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Cecil Otter – Dead Echo EP


Calling a genre indie-hip-hop feels like a bit of an oxymoron, but that’s the best way to describe Minnesotan rapper/producer Cecil Otter and his EP “Dear Echo.”

Highland Kites – Let Me Run EP

Highland Kites Let Me Run EP Cover

There is nothing new about putting our struggles to music. After all, the blues genre alone held this as its main purpose. When it comes to inspiration, the darkest times can often jump start a writer’s career. Happy moments can also break through Writer’s Block, but it doesn’t always reach the audience. Sure, everyone has […]

Butcher Knives – American Dream


I’ve never really thought of the phrase “American Dream” as a completely definable saying. It’s always been something that I heard politicians and the like use to describe how great they think things are here (or were at one time). I think of it as being based on perception or as something used to motivate […]

Joyous Wolf – Not an OC Band


Joyous Wolf took a break from band practice and talked with Creative Control about the band’s upcoming album, the scene in Orange County, California, and how far the group has progressed since forming less than two years ago.

Coleman Hell – A New Life


If you’ve turned a radio on in the last year, you’ve probably heard the catchy, electronic sounds of Thunder Bay, Ontario’s Coleman Hell. His song 2 Heads was released in April of 2015 and has reached crazy levels of popularity, sending the 27 year old on tour with artists such as Robert DeLong, Twenty One […]

Thrillkiller – Showdown


Fresh on the heels of their debut EP “Time,” rockers Thrillkiller have returned with a full length LP “Showdown.”

Jerad Finck


I never expected to hear the word “flamethrower” in a pop song. Usually, the pop genre’s terminology consists of phrases such as “baby” or “sorry.” However, it’s hard to see the usual with a man like Jerad Finck.