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Bertie Scott – The Way You Loved Me


We’re going to talk about a sensitive subject. In fact, this is quite possibly the most sensitive topic to touch on for a human being. So, take this as a forewarning.

Dia – Tiny Ocean EP


Sound is everything when it comes to music. Any artist can put together a compelling group of lyrics, designed to change the way we view life, but if it’s not sung with appealing instrumentals, nobody will listen to it. For example, if you’re singing KISS’s “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night,” you can’t pair […]

Sykoya – Your Silence


Synth-pop trio Sykoya are back with a follow up single to their EP from earlier this year “Strange Night,” titled “Your Silence.”

BRAEVES – Bitter Sea


Sometimes pop music gets a bad rap from music lovers because it’s considered mainstream and thus all pop artists are apparently the same. I’ll agree with the critics to some degree, a lot of pop tunes do sound very similar. LA/NY based quartet, BRAEVES, is redefining pop music with a bit of an indie twist.

Silver Pup – Honey and Heartbreaker


I firmly believe one should never judge an artist by a single song alone. Many bands and artists are only remembered for one or two great songs, such as Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane” or Bobby Day’s “Rockin’ Robin.” Heck, there are even some well-known artists who are only remembered for mediocre tracks, like […]

SLF & Co. – No Beats in Algebra


Collaborations in music are usually exciting for everyone involved. The listeners experience something they may not have heard otherwise, and the artists get to stretch their artistic legs and that’s what we have with SLF & Co.’s upcoming collaboration album “No Beats in Algebra” from Milky Bomb Records.

Sparrows – Let the Silence Stay Where It Was


Post hardcore or any genre described with the word “post” has always, in my opinion, been a terrible label. The phrase itself implies the exact same genre only after the time period in which it was most popular. In general, there are much more creative ways to describe a sound. Even so, there’s plenty of […]

King Shelter – Everything Hurts & Preoccupy


You know you’re on to something when you have your own accreditation for an Urban Dictionary definition. That’s exactly what King Shelter have on their hands and their self-described style of Salad Rock which means “a genre of music best described as a mix of everything,” and they aren’t kidding.



At Creative Control, we’re all about covering the unknown and unsigned. During my time here I’ve reviewed plenty of largely unnoticed musicians both domestic and foreign. For me personally, when it comes to those acts with the highest levels of obscurity, Ragweed takes the cake thus far.

Glenn Smyth – A Sense of Freedom EP


I love albums that delve into deeper truths. If a group of songs with an established theme can cause me to stop and think, then I love it even more. Whenever we break out of our pre-established mindsets, we discover more about ourselves and the life we’re living. For example, do we truly know what […]