A Chat with Joe Phort

Album art by Sachiko Kuwabata

Since we really like talking about new music, here’s an interview with Joe Phort of TWELVER. Joe’s been in tons of bands (seriously), so we wanted to ask about TWELVER – why this album MMXIIR, why this band now and what it means to him.

Creative Control:  You’ve been in tons of bands (Treephort, The Home Alones, The Started Its, the list goes on), so why did you want to start TWELVER after so many other projects?

JOE PHORT: I’ve always found myself torn between 2 projects- one band that is catchy enough for others to enjoy and one band that satisfies my desire to write something a bit stranger. TWELVER’s CD is the release of the weirder stuff that I needed to share. It’s the CD that I wanted to own that no one else could write for me.

Album art by Sachiko Kuwabata

CC: What does being in TWELVER mean to you personally?

JP: Having the TWELVER songs released was a great accomplishment for me. It’s the first time that I spear-headed a project that was written entirely solo. In all of my previous bands, I’m rarely managing more than “staying in tune”.
TWELVER is Joe Phort.

At this time, I must admit that I had a lot of help and guidance from Seiji Kurauchi my bassist, Will Farley my mentor, and Jerod McBrayer my buddy.

CC: What kind of inspiration spurred this album?

JP: MMXIIR erupted 10 years after my first band ended and my need for quirky music went unnourished. My bassist Luke D. Fields went on to start We Versus The Shark just before I moved to California (from Georgia) and I had always wished that I was in a band more like his. I’m a big fan of Pretty Ugly Music- a term I use to describe songs that are noisy yet melodic; loud and then quiet; or playful in tune yet nasty in lyric.

Short answer- I dig the Pixies.

CC: What do you hope listeners will get out of the album?

JP: A taste of emotion with a punch. I hate to label music, but I considered TWELVER “hard rock” because I want people to put it on when they’re angrier. There’s a fire inside us that burns brightest in youth and it needs to be fed with hard rock music. When it’s difficult to convey your own emotions, it’s easier to scream with a band’s.

CC: Is there anything I didn’t ask you’d like to say about TWELVER or the album (or anything else in general)?

JP: MMXIIR is a limited press and you can obtain it FREE by emailing twelverband@gmail.com (while supplies last).

TWELVER begins work on the second album in January 2013.

Feel free to send your music or write to TWELVER at:
Joe “Phort” Klein
PO BOX 193612
San Francisco, CA 94119

You can also find TWELVER on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/twelverband

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