A Star Lord Inspired Playlist


        If you want to know one thing about me, you should know Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actually, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Everyone I knew said it would bomb when the first trailer came out, but I had a feeling it would do great. I guess you could say I was “hooked on that feeling?” 

Bad puns aside, there are a lot of great things about this movie. The characters, the story, the action, the special effects—it’s enough to keep you involved all the way through. However, one thing that really made it spectacular was the tape the main protagonist Star Lord, or Peter Quill, carried around, known as “Awesome Mix, Vol. 1.” The mixtape carried a bunch of incredible songs, such as “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways and “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede, which were all played throughout the film. When the movie was released, both it and the mixtape became popular, and many people were excited when they released Awesome Mix as an album. Two of those people were me and my brother, who downloaded it onto his iPhone seconds after it became available. Now, whenever we drive down the highway, I turn off my radio and we listen to the soundtrack, singing every song loud and obnoxiously. It’s a lot of fun. 

Every one of those songs is spectacular, especially because I’m a huge fan of classic rock n’ roll and other older tracks. I just love how energizing they can be. When I hear a shredding guitar with a fierce drumbeat, it gets my blood pumping. So, this week, I thought up my own playlist of my favorite songs, trying to avoid using songs from Star Lord’s tape, with emphasis on the word “try.” I make no promises to avoid every song on there. 

There are twelve songs on my playlist, and the first is “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor. This song is great for motivation. Whenever I’m down or out of energy, this song’s guitar-driven beat replenishes and pushes me to continue on, to persevere. I’ve struggled, but I know I can make it through and come out on top. It energizes me so much that the second song helps me complete my tasks, the track being “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. Queen is one of my favorite groups and they have a lot of great songs, making it difficult to pick one favorite. I picked this song because it’s not only a nice song to dance and sing along with, but it also creates a feeling of ease in my work as I breeze through every task. I feel this pair starts the playlist incredibly, but we still have much to go. 

The next two tracks are “You Give Love A Bad Name,” by Bon Jovi, and “Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey. Both of these songs get me moving and I love singing as they play, though I’m not the only one. In my experience, I’ve found I can go anywhere and if I sing “Shot to the heart” or “Just a small town girl,” everyone joins in. They’re both catchy and amazing at parties, as are many of the other tracks I chose. 

I decided on the next song due to a movie I found extremely touching called Wild America, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. You might remember him as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, the voice of young Simba in The Lion King, and many other 90s films. The film involves three brothers driving across the U.S. to find a cave where hundreds of bears dwell. As they drive, what else can you have play but Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild.” I find this song to be one of a journey, as one travels through the wilderness. It is similar to December’s “Beyond the Dots” album, the first review I did for Creative Control. Both are about the journey of life, expounding upon the ways we live, and they hold a special place in my heart.  

If you’re around my age, then you’ll remember when Guitar Hero was popular. My youngest brother was an expert at it and easily beat all the games. However, even though I was better at video games than him, I was terrible with this franchise. To beat just one song, I had to practice for days. I only remember finishing five songs, which are the next tracks on my playlist: “Rock and Roll All Nite” by Kiss, “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man,” Foghat’s “Slow Ride,” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. All five are iconic and spectacular rock songs, but they are also symbols of my perseverance. It took a while to beat these levels, but I never gave up and strove on until I won. 

Remember when I said I would try to avoid songs from Guardians? Well, I tried, but I couldn’t stop myself from choosing my last two songs, “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone and “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede. Both are fun songs that show Guardians doesn’t have to be taken as seriously as other Marvel movies, but is still an amazing film. These songs make the movie even better, and I wouldn’t end my playlist any other way. 

Looking back, I’ve realized this playlist is more than just twelve rock songs. They all came from my life experiences, turning me into the man I am now. Even if some people might have created a different playlist, I chose these songs because they are me. They are fond memories I will always treasure and examples of why I should never give up. When life brings struggles, I just need to push on and I’ll make it through.

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