Actual Rocker Eats at Hard Rock Cafe and Live-Tweets It

Worth Taking

What will Beanie do next?

Advances in technology have placed our heroes in our palms. Through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, bands can directly connect with fans, blurring the line between ”I met him after a show once,” and “O.M.G. Less Than Jake replied to me on Twitter.”

We are reminded once more that the celebrities are among us; THE Jerod McBrayer of THE Worth Taking was at Las Vegas’ THE Hard Rock Café and live-tweeted the entire experience.

It was an event full of stars, most prominently Beanie, the Hard Rock server who probably rocks hard.

Pepsi products?! You’re not in Coke country anymore.

Beanie continued to prove his masterful skills…

… time and time again.

However, the trip was also a moment to reflect.

Like any actual rocker would do, McBrayer also touched on the Hard Rock’s playlist.

McBrayer took a move from the #TreatYoSelf playbook…

… but also knew when it was time to turn in for the night.

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