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English rock band All Ears Avow have been making music together since 2013. They released their first album in December of 2013 and have basically been touring ever since. Now, with two EPs and plenty of gigs under their belt, they’re releasing their third album – Edge Of This. The band is made up of Claire Sutton on vocals and guitar, Jake Willcock on guitar, Joe Bishop on bass and Sean Ivens on drums.

The first track, Caged, kicks off hard. It begins with a lot of yelling and some strange whisper-like noises as if you’re hearing voices in your head, then gets very heavy. It is everything but, well, caged. The band really lets loose and gives listeners a taste of what’s to come.

Photo: Jem Ferguson Photography

Photo: Jem Ferguson Photography

It’s not at all what I expected from All Ears Avow. Reading their interviews and promo materials, I didn’t expect their tunes to be so heavy. The trend continues though, as we roll into their second track, Gone. Though a bit more pop, it’s still a hard-hitting rock song with lots of percussion and electric guitar. This tune didn’t impress me as much as the first though. There’s something missing from the vocals. It’s almost like the instruments are overpowering them.

Luckily, Sutton makes up for her lack of performance in Gone on the track Just For Me. It’s a vocally powerful song that shows the many facets of Sutton’s voice. This is the first time that we get an idea of just how talented she really is. She’s able to move from low-key, sultry vocals to hard-rock, intense vocals throughout a four minute song. You really can’t deny the talent it takes to do that.


The title track, Edge of This, is kind of unique. It’s almost as if the band is pleading with someone, begging them for answers. It’s the first time I could imagine this hard rock band as vulnerable and it’s a good look for them. Lyrics like, “What’re you waiting for? I been standing on the edge of this just watching all the world unfold. Are you telling me you want more?” give listeners the impression that All Ears Avow are still reaching and dreaming for what they really want.

While I do think the foursome could handle to clean up their sound a little bit, there’s no doubt that they love making music. This EP is full of passion and you can hear it in every note coming from Claire’s mouth and every beat from Sean’s drums. They have all of the right ingredients so with a little bit of work, they’ll be unstoppable. 

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