All The King’s Men – Making My Escape

All The King's Men

There is something about England and rock. Some kind of magical, creative force seems to constantly inspire and form amazing, new bands. The force has been around for a while, breathing life into many incredible talents such as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, and it’s still doing so with All The King’s Men. 

All The King’s Men, a trio from Manchester, came together over a year ago after lead guitarist and vocalist Matthew Holland returned from California. Joining forces with his childhood friends, bassist Tino Caine and Ben Robinson on drums, these guys have formed an amazing, guitar-driven sound reminiscent of Zeppelin and The Doors. 

This spectacular EP features five songs: “Fever,” “Someday,” “City Lights,” “My Mother’s Son,” and, of course, “Making My Escape.” All five tracks are definitely worth listening to, and what I love most about the EP is that it starts fast-paced, but becomes more mellow with each passing track. 

It opens with “Fever,” a catchy number about a woman so beautiful, “she’s like a fever.” The instrumentals are hard rock, yet they contain a smooth melody like The Beatles. The smooth sound continues and increases in “Someday,” which is softer in some places, but skillfully coarsens in the chorus. When you listen to it, it will definitely calm you down, even after a hard day at work. “City Lights” speeds up and seems to have a sort of uplifting, blues-style mixed with rock sound to its instrumentals. “My Mother’s Son” is an interesting track, light yet full of lyrics about revenge and misery after the narrator’s brother (or maybe a version of himself) was taken. Finally, the EP ends with “Making My Escape,” probably the most mellow of the bunch. The instrumentals are soft and drawn-out, making great use of easy guitar strums, forming an excellent ending to the EP. 

It’s easy to see hints of their listed influences such as Zeppelin, The Doors, and The Beatles, but at the same time, I felt this band’s own whimsy inside. The transition throughout their EP, songs becoming mellower as they go, is so inspired and makes me feel as though I’m reading a book. The plot becomes thicker and when the climax occurs, the story ending soon after, you feel satisfied and glad you heard it. Everyone should look forward to this EP and support All The King’s Men by buying this EP.

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