Almost Awake

Almost Awake

Almost Awake is an alternative rock band making name for themselves in Las Vegas with their Paramore-like sound. The low vocals from lead singer, Victoria Liano, allow for easy listening despite the rock background. The lyrics aren’t intruding, jabbing into the mind like most typical alt-rock bands are, but instead there’s a softness to the songs. Coupled with the lead guitar by Grady Jones, rhythm guitar by Addison Egelhoff, and bass with Tommy Cochran, each element complements the other. Plus, Gabe Conover on drums is pretty kick ass, too.  

“What Did I Do” was the first song I listened to, instantly connecting to it from my teenage years of angst. This hit draws in the listener with its dim vocals and excellent accompaniment from the band. Most like Paramore, this song is definitely a must-listen. After listening to all the songs, “What Did I Do” shows how far the band has come in their musical talent.

Although it starts off slow, “The Intruder” kicks up the pace and leaves you in a heartbroken fighting stance. Geared to rile up the fighter in you, this song is an epic listen. Keep an ear out for the guitar solo.

“Long Way Home” is unlike any of the other songs on the album. While the others are a bit harder in sound, this song has a bit of a softer and playful feel. It’s not a darkened memory, but more of a happy commemoration of the past.

“Ocean Eyes” is the slowest so if you only want to dip your toes in, but aren’t ready for more of a rock feel, then this is for you. They have a lot more songs, so finding the one for you won’t be hard. “What Did I Do” is definitely my favorite.

There’s a bright future ahead of them, and I can’t wait to see how they grow. Give them a try. Almost Awake should be the first addition to your next playlist.

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