Amongst Family

Amongst Family

If you’ve ever been camping, you know the best part takes place at night when you’re sitting around a campfire. The campsite is set up, the tents are waiting to be slept in, and you sit on a log, surrounded by family and friends, smiling as you watch the fire. The flames crackle and the smell of hotdogs and s’mores fills the air. You gaze up to the multitude of stars, framed delicately by the dark sky, and as one shoots across your vision, you find peace. 

Amongst Family’s album is a brilliant example of this experience, though its impact is empowered by the first track, “Family.” For almost two minutes, you listen to a beautiful piano solo, but in the background, murmured voices of a crowd are heard, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. There are times when the stresses of everyday life overwhelm you, and the urge to escape enters your mind. Even just a taste of tranquility will do. The rest of this album is that taste, and it will definitely satiate the urge. 

One particular favorite on the album is Amongst Family’s rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” It didn’t originate from this band, but it’s the perfect song to depict the album’s theme. Escaping to serenity is one thing, though it doesn’t feel complete without those you love most beside you. This album is more than just peace—it reminds you of the importance of family. Seeking companionship is human nature. Sure, life can make you weary, but so can being alone. Listen to this album, and you’ll see why peace can come amongst family.

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