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You know how Justin Warfield, lead singer of She Wants Revenge, sounds robotic? There are two main reasons for that: 1). He doesn’t really sing all that often. It’s this monotone swing speaking, but his voice is manly enough that you actually want to hear it, and 2). It’s like the way he’s moving his mouth isn’t natural, but more like a specific thing he does only when “singing” (like Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong). The band Anaurac is like that. The vocals are odd the first time you hear them, but once paired with the early Green Day-esque harmonies and rock inspired guitar riffs and solos, you have this cohesive sound that you won’t forget.

Their self-titled 2013 EP is like the best of Green Day. It takes the filtered, but still raw vocals of “Dookie,” but mixes that with the instrumentation found in “American Idiot.” It makes sense – the band’s bio mentions Green Day members and albums multiple times as points of inspiration and reference. Songs like “Manipulated” and “Truth Be Told” model this Green Day-centric sound the most.

There’s even some pronounced evidence of a surf rock influence, too. Songs like “Out of Control” have drum lines like something you’d hear if the Beach Boys hired Tré Cool for a song.

To put it simply, these guys have songs that will get stuck in your head. Go ahead and give them a listen on Facebook. You can also check out their videos on YouTube.

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  1. Sara Elmer says:

    I love this band. I am a fan of their music, because they are extremely talented musicians, but even more so, they are some of the best friends a person could ask for. What better band to follow than one where there is not only quality music, but quality people? These guys are the ones who should be getting recognition; their music actually has a deep, genuine meaning. The instrumentals are creative and unique, and the lyrics are anything but cliche. It is a true art. Anaurac is going places, and I support them in success. So you shpuld definitely givebtheir music a listen, and even come out to a show sometime – you won’t regret it! (:

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