Angéline – Back to Pike Place


Have you ever put a song on after a tough day at work that caused you to immediately calm down, brush away the weight of the day and completely melt into the music? That is literally the experience I had when I turned on Angéline’s SoundCloud Listening to her soothing and sultry voice is like a deep-tissue massage for your ears. She pampers you with whimsical melodies and her soft, flawless voice. 

The whole EP, Back to Pike Place, is natural and simplistic, with acoustic instrumentation and soft, layered voices. It’s important not to confuse simplistic with boring here, though, as the five songs that the EP is comprised of is anything but boring. 

Kicking things off with some beautiful birds chirping (cue stage 1 of the melting into the music process), we roll into Black Butterflies. This song proves that less is more by using basically just an acoustic guitar, subtle percussion and some finger snapping to create a fun, sultry single that could teleport you to a different place – a beach party in the Caribbean, perhaps? 

Angéline, originally from France but now based out of London, has the type of voice that sends shivers down your spine and warms your soul at the same time. Aama, the third track on the EP, is the perfect example. The seven and a half minute song was apparently written about the Nepal earthquake and embodies all of the emotion that tragedy induced. I know our simple minds don’t always have the attention span to listen to a song with such length, but Aama is just so complex. It features a quick a cappella performance at about 3:43, followed by an array of soothing wind instruments, you’ll be hooked the whole way through. 

My personal favourite from the EP is While I Was Away. The layered vocals, the snapping and clicking, the pitter-patter of the percussion, it’s almost as if the genres synth-pop, reggae and folk all came together and decided to be friends. 

Back to Pike Place isn’t your typical folk album. In fact, there probably isn’t any one genre for it to fit into; instead, it combines sounds from various genres to create 26 minutes of organic, honest and sultry sound.

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