Avenue of the Giants


If there were a genre called “energy rock,” Avenue of the Giants would be the classic example used as a reference. They’re a rock band, which sounds pretty bland, but they’re anything but that. For the Foo Fighters-esque band, every distorted guitar and growling vocal offers another aspect of high energy rock. You’ll find this in their album “Just Between Us.”

Their song “Burn” is a classic hard rock song. It’s fast and loud and leaves you wanting to scream along with the words. Then, “#FTW” offers a more pop-rock friendly option with moments that remind you, no, this band definitely has hard rock roots. “Forever” is an even softer option with smooth and high harmonies before the chorus kicks in with an emotional pleading, never once losing an ounce of energy as you’re ready to scream along once more.

If you’re looking for a rock band with quite a range, Avenue of the Giants are your guys. You want energy? They’ve got energy for days and aren’t afraid to let a lighter side take the spotlight for a moment – but it’s just a moment before they’re rocking your face off again.

Check out Avenue of the Giants below:

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