Back Up Jackson …Makes Another Record!

Back Up Jackson

Ska reached prominence in the early to mid 90s and has since become a genre of the past, but the guys in Back Up Jackson have something to say about that. 

The band’s second album, titled “…Makes Another Record!,” comes nine years after their debut and it sounds like the guys haven’t lost any steam in that time. The album kicks off with the peppy and vivacious “Corniest Love Song” that will be stuck in your head well before the first verse even begins. It’s a by-the-numbers ska song with plucky guitars and lead singer Jay Butkowski scatting into the microphone, but it’s all in good fun with Back Up Jackson and this opening track makes that abundantly clear. 

The theme of fun and having a good time runs rampant throughout the album with tracks like “Kings of Delaware” which sounds like it was inspired by “Wayne’s World” to paint an “exciting” picture of the state. Other tracks like “Red Lights” and “Shoulder to Cry On” are dripping with cleverness and merriment with unconventional sound effects and shouting what they’re doing to begin a song. “Red Lights” tells the story about the guys being stuck in traffic complete with car horns and jeers toward other drivers. “Shoulder to Cry On” begins with Butkowski screaming “Bass Solo!” at the top of his lungs. 

The guys in Back Up Jackson are having so much fun on “…Makes Another Record!” they’re almost daring you to not skank around your room as you listen to their songs.

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