Baïki – Globalienation


It would appear that Belgium is an untapped market for indie and rock ‘n’ roll music for the United States. Rightfully so, you may think – who in the U.S. simply can’t wait to rock out to a language as fluid and mushed together as French? Baïki is a band out of Belgium that rocks, but don’t skip over these guys if you’re in the U.S. They sing in both English and French, so now’s the time to give their newest album “Globalienation” a try.

Start out with “Walk The Line” to get a feel of what you get with Baïki. This isn’t Johnny Cash’s line. This is the company line. It’s a song about keeping your head down, working your corporate job like “a good boy.” You get your rock song that’s calling out the Man with understated instrumentation: aggressive drums, guitar intro like you’d hear from Social Distortion and a driving bass line.

Then, there are the French songs. “En Rose” begins with some intense French lyrics. The instrumentation is tango-like at moments, then turns into more of an indie-rock vibe. Baïki is a band that you can rock out to whether you know the language or not. Though the varying languages are a play on the album title “Globalienation,” I get the feeling that it would bring more people together. Who cares what language in which you rock?

Check out Baïki’s “Walk The Line” below:

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