Band of Heads – “The Hill”


When comparing current musical talents to the classics, one must be careful when connecting similar styles. Public opinion tends to take on a life of its own as the verbal food fight commences over what band sounds like which classic genius. Band of Heads is bound to have a few people talking about it.

This Philly-bred band is similar to the 70’s style of rock’n’roll. ‘The Hill’ by Band of Heads has a repetitive nature, but still has its place. While some bands are only good to listen to live or on the album, ‘The Hill’ could be considered for a background song in television or music, as montage scenes of a California beach, and city life roll by before the start of the episode. It’s dynamic, providing the fans with options to jam out or relax and listen during their daily routine.


Photo by Mario Manzoni of Fame Lust Photography

It’s hard to narrow down specific artists to relate this band to, especially when so many are presently intermingled, but the guitar tones have a hint of psychedelic rock’n’roll while the lyrics complement the sound. The mellow voice of the lead singer is a smooth companion to the instruments, which creates an overall laid back composition. The music is not hard or overwhelming as some heavy metal rock of the comparable decade. It has a catchy rhythm that is sure to keep your head bobbing, and is created to be heard in a live venue, although satisfaction could be found in any form.

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