Barney Goodall & The NightHawks – If We Don’t Find Love Tonight

Barney Goodall & The NightHawks

Piano-rock has always had the advantage of hitting the hardest notes and the softest melodies at the same time and in some cases in the same song. Barney Goodall & The NightHawks, a piano-rock band from Liverpool, Britain, have crafted a relaxing track with an edge in their first single “If We Don’t Find Love Tonight.” 

The track starts off with a groovy bass line that oozes with jazz club atmosphere, shortly followed by piano, guitar and light taps on the hi-hat that will make you feel like you’re in a smoke-filled room. Goodall’s vocals come in around the 25 second mark with a sultry style reminiscent of a James Bond villain with the upper hand. 

After the first chorus the pace picks up and the hi-hats turn a little louder and the guitar ever so slightly faster for a progression that isn’t necessarily needed, but once the second chorus kicks in, you’re wrapped up in complimentary sounds of piano, vocals, guitar and it’s all anchored by the bass line. 

“If We Don’t Find Love Tonight” is a strong first outing from a band that’s only been in the game for a year. But if Barney Goodall & The NightHawks continue to emit the smooth, savory sounds they put on display in this track, they may just bring slow jams back to the forefront of modern music.

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