Bent Jetty


Bent Jetty is self-described as an indie pop band. That characterization can mean many different sounds and can be difficult to pinpoint. However, when a band can encapsulate multiple takes on that description, you’re left with something that different parts of you can enjoy. A different song for a different mood is found in Bent Jetty.

“In Love Again” is a chill acoustic song with electric moments. The bass line is simple, playing up the hoppy guitars and lower, languid vocals. It has that feeling that maybe it would be a good song to play while chopping up vegetables and cooking.

Then, there’s “Song Bird,” which makes you think a completely different band is playing as soon as the song begins. “Song Bird” is a bit more upbeat and the vocals are high and pop-y. The bass line is kicked up and has a more upfront place while the lead guitar is plucking its way to accompany the vocals. It makes you feel like the band who just played “In Love Again” is long gone, but in reality, we have a band who knows how to play. They know to make different sounds to make one, well-rounded band.

Listen to Bent Jetty below:

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